The Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Who hasn’t heard of artificial intelligence these days? Technology news is full of it because of its capability of inducing human intelligence into computers and machines to empower them to perform human-like tasks and functions. It is a fact that AI has managed to bring out a revolution in a variety of industries because of its adaptive techniques and advanced developments. Even though it has garnered a lot of criticisms as well, it continues to bring change and new applications of the technology are discovered every day. Some of the top applications that can be found these days are:

  • Robotics

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is considered to be the driving force behind the field of robotics. The use of AI technology in robots has allowed them to be used in numerous industries, such as healthcare, marketing and finance. The field of robotics has been focused on imbibing human intelligence into machines and artificial intelligence has made it possible. Today, there are robots that are being used in healthcare for assisting in surgeries and in business for offering customer support and so on.

  • Customer service

As mentioned above, customer service is also an area where artificial intelligence has made a big difference. Gone are the days when you had to have live support because now there are chatbots that can get the job done. They are able to simulate human behavior as well as their conversation style in order to deal with people over online platforms. Essentially, customers chat with robots who are able to provide them solutions for their queries.

  • Outer space exploration

Not only is artificial intelligence being used on Earth, but has also reached space. AI-powered machines are being used for exploring outer space. Satellite navigation, location tracking technology and map building are some of the ways that artificial intelligence has been used for assistance in this task and has done an outstanding job so far.

  • Automated cars

Everyone is talking about self-driving cars, but how do they work? This is also thanks to artificial intelligence because it provides the algorithms that these self-driving cars follow. This technology is considered the future of the automobile industry because it will allow the launch of vehicles that do not need drivers and can help people travel from one place to the other while the car drives itself.

  • Facial recognition

Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone and most of them come with facial recognition technology. How does that work? This is also because of artificial intelligence because the technology focuses on perceiving and learning patterns that can result in efficient and quick outputs. The face recognition algorithm in your smartphone is powered by AI-technology that learns your face and then uses that image alone to unlock your phone every time you use it.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare experts are always trying to bring medical revolutions to provide better quality of services to people and artificial intelligence has proven to be instrumental in this task. It allows machines to interpret the medical history of patients, which can be used for predicting possible health complications. In addition, artificial intelligence has also been helpful in development of drugs and medicines that can be used for treating a wide variety of diseases.

  • Stock market and finance

Another prominent application of artificial intelligence today is in the stock market. Artificial intelligence algorithms are capable of analyzing large sets of data, which means they can be used for interpreting stock market performances. They can also analyze different stocks, along with their profits and losses, which can help them in predicting future performances as well. Other applications of artificial intelligence in the finance sector have been seen in the form of e-commerce platforms, payments and banking systems as well.

Along with these, you will find that artificial intelligence is being incorporated in different applications spread across different industries and it is likely that the number will continue to increase.

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